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How to clean and maintain your Tatalashes

Hey Loves!

Its very important that you take care of your lashes, to ensure they last up to 20 wears. 

1. Handle with care when taking out of packaging

When removing a brand new pair of lashes from the tray, never tug on the lashes to avoid damage to them. Grab a pair of tweezers and gently grab the corner of the lash band, and gentle peel off. 

2. Remove lashes gently to reuse them later 

After you gently remove the lashes from your eye, make sure all glue is removed from the lash band after each use. By using a tweezer, it will make the glue removal a much easier process. Glue tends to be difficult to remove over time if it is not removed immediately, which may cause band to rip. So, please make sure to avoid glue build up. 

3. Clean your falsies

It is very important to take the glue off the band after each use. After you have used your falsies a few times, you may deep clean them. Please watch this  short video by @vivaglamjae on how to deep clean your lashes.


4. Store & protect your lashes


Keep your lashes shape by keeping them in their original box and tray. They will lose shape and pick up dust and debris if you do not store them.

There ya go!

That’s it! If you follow these steps, you can keep reusing your Tatalashes over and over again. :)

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